My name is Juan, and I'm currently working as a Data Engineer (Payment Fraud Officer) at LOVOO, a dating and social app based in Germany. As part of the Moderation team, I'm responsible for the development of our anti-fraud services and solutions that detect to prevent the execution of fraudulent transactions without our economy.

Previously, I spent around 14 months traveling around the world while writing. During this time, I wrote and released a book titled Practical TensorFlow.js (Apress, 2020). Moreover, I wrote writing data-related content for several companies. As a personal project, I created a series named Wander Data, in which I logged, relived, and told my travel stories through data.

Before my adventure, I worked as a Big Data and Machine Learning Engineer (also) at LOVOO. Back then, I was part of the Antispam team, where my role involved writing software and designing systems around data and machine learning to detect spammers and scammers in the platform and avoid their proliferation.

From the data field, my areas of preference include working on the complete pipeline of the machine learning system - prototyping, feature selection, and engineering, and training - to make it ready for production. Furthermore, I am fascinated by finding new ways to quantify several aspects of my life through data, and of course, writing and presenting the results. Other areas of interest are unsupervised learning, object detection, and moderation (spam and fraud prevention).

Lastly, I have to say I love speaking publicly and sharing knowledge about what I do (or did) at work and about my projects. So, if you're organizing an event and would like to host me, I'd be more than grateful to join.

My hobbies are photography, bouldering, and writing.